Frankfort's time-honored dance school.

For 51 years, Capital City Dance Studio has provided quality dance instruction in a fun and enjoyable environment for the young people of Frankfort and surrounding areas. Our wide variety of classes includes professional instruction in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and gymnastics. Lessons are available for all children, both boys and girls, from 2 to 18 years of age.
Established by Gina Tincher in 1969, Capital City Dance Studio has grown to become one of the largest dance studios in Kentucky. Now owned and directed by Gina's daughter, Laurie Meyer, the studio's teaching staff seeks to make dance fun, energizing, entertaining and educational for every student. While technique is essential, we believe it is equally important that our students enjoy the art of dance while cultivating proper skills.
Capital City Dance Studio has a number of locations and a variety of class selections and times to meet your child’s level and interest as well as your family’s needs.

2020-21 Class Schedule

We offer a wide range of classes for male and female dancers between two-years-old and high school.
Classes are Mondays through Thursdays, with some also offered on Saturday mornings

Click here to see the complete, detailed Class Schedule by Studio.

East Studio

5:15 Pre-School Ballet/Tap
6:00 Pre-Dance
6:30 Ballet/Jazz
7:15 Gymnastics
8:00 Dance Team Prep
5:15 Ballet/Tap
6:00 Pre-School Ballet/Tap
6:45 Jazz/Tap
7:45 Jazz
8:15 High Heel Tap
5:30 Junior Jazz
6:00 Pre-School Ballet/Gymnastics
6:45 Ballet/Gymnastics
7:30 Jazz/Tap
5:15 Pre-Dance
5:45 Pre-School Ballet/Tap
6:30 Junior Jazz
7:00 Jazz Gymnastics

West Studio A

5:15 Jazz/Tap
6:15 High Heel Tap
6:45 Jazz
7:15 Lyrical
8:00 Teen Jazz
8:30 Flat Tap
5:15 Pre-School Ballet/Gymnastics
6:00 Pre-Dance
6:30 Gymnastics Dance & Cheer
7:15 Cheer Prep
4:30 Classical Ballet II
5:15 Boys' Class
6:00 Advanced Jazz
6:45 Advanced Lyrical
7:15 Advanced Tap
7:45 Advanced Lyrical
8:15 Advanced Jazz
5:00 Pre-Dance
5:30 Pre-School Ballet/Tap
6:15 Ballet/Gymnastics
7:00 Classical Ballet I
10:00 Pre-Dance
10:30 Pre-School Ballet/Tap
11:15 Ballet/Tap

West Studio B

5:15 Pointe
6:00 Tiny Toes
6:30 Pre-Pointe
5:15 Tiny Toes
5:45 Pre-School Ballet/Tap
6:30 Junior Jazz
7:00 Technique
5:15 Pointe
6:00 Pointe
6:45 Pre-Pointe
7:15 Lyrical
7:45 Jazz
8:15 Tap
5:30 Pre-School Ballet/ Gymnastics
6:15 Tiny Toes
6:45 Jazz/Tap
7:45 Jazz
8:15 High Heel Tap
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Join us and start dancing!

Registration for the 2020-2021 Dance Year begins August 1st!
Classes are scheduled to begin October 5th.

Our Studio Locations

East Studio

  • 645 Comanche Trail (Indian Hills) Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

West Studios A & B

  • 107 Darbyshire Circle Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Attention Middle & High Schoolers... Raise the Barre!

We are excited to present a 6-week summer ballet session for middle and high school students
featuring Ms. Sarah, Ms. Stephanie & Ms. Jaime!

Don't miss this opportunity to maintain & improve  your dance skills over the summer!