1How old does my child have to be to take lessons at CCDS?

We offer classes for students who are 2-18 years old.

2What subjects do you offer?

The following is an overview of what we offer for each particular age group:

  • Tiny Toes: 2 year olds
  • Pre-Dance: 3 year olds
  • Ballet/Gymnastics combo class: 4-5 year olds: 6-8 year olds
  • Ballet/Tap combo class: 4-5 year-olds; 6-8 year olds
  • Ballet/Hip-Hop combo class: 6-8 year-olds
  • Boys' class: 6+ year olds
  • Junior Hip-Hop class: 6-8 year olds
  • Acro: 6-9 year olds
  • Hip-Hop/Acro combo class: 8-10 year olds
  • Jazz/Tap combo class: 8-10 year olds
  • Pre-Pointe: 8-10 year olds

We also offer single-subject classes for 8-11 year olds in Lyrical, PrePointe, Jazz and Tap.

Middle- and high-school students:

  • Jazz;
  • Tap;
  • Lyrical;
  • Pointe;
  • Classical Ballet I & II;
  • Technique.

*Note: Our “cutoff date” for age grouping is October 1st. The only exception is for 2 year olds who must already be 2 years of age by the time classes begin in late August.

3How many "sessions" do you have per year? Are there separate Fall and Spring class schedules?

Our studio year for 2023-24 runs from the first week of September (beginning August 28th) to early June, culminating with our annual recital. Our nine-month schedule gives our instructors the opportunity to know their students well. This in turn allows them to tailor their class format to meet the unique needs of each dancer.

4Do you accept male students?

We welcome male students in all classes and age groups.

5My daughter is 9 years old, and this will be her first year in dance class. Will she be in a “beginner” class with much younger students?

No, she will be enrolled in a class with students in her own age group. Most of our classes have both new and current students; more than likely, she will meet another student in her class who is also a beginner.

6Are parents allowed to observe classes each week?

Each of our studios has a waiting-room area in which parents remain during class. This arrangement helps our younger students work on self-sufficiency while still offering them the reassurance that Mom or Dad is waiting right outside. We host two “Parent Visit Days” per year: the last lesson before Winter Break and in May when costumes arrive. There is no limit on how many visitors a student may bring — parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles, etc. are all welcome to join us on these special days.

7What attire does my child need to wear to dance class?

Proper dance attire is required in order to participate in class. Please see our Dress Code page for more details. This can be found under the heading "About Us" and "Policies" on our website.

8How many instructors does the studio have?

Our staff consists of 17 instructors, all trained at CCDS. Please see the "Our Instructors" page for more information.

9Does CCDS have annual recitals?

We hold recitals each year in June at Bradford Hall (on Kentucky State University’s campus). To view pictures taken at past recitals, visit our Photos page

10How do I enroll my child at CCDS?

Registration opens this year on June 12, 2023. If you have any questions pertaining to enrollment, please contact us at ccdancestudio@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!