Dress Code

To ensure that all students are appropriately dressed and wear appropriate shoes, Capital City Dance Studio has enacted a strict dress code policy. We respectfully ask parents to ensure that their children abide by the following policies:

Leotards and tights are preferred and are absolutely essential if your child is taking a ballet class. Exercise or aerobic attire is permitted for other forms of dance. Put your name in all dance shoes and dancewear in case of loss. If you change shoes during class for a different subject, a dance bag is strongly recommended to avoid “shoe mix-ups.”

PLEASE NOTE: JEANS, JEAN SHORTS, PANTS, OR OTHER TYPES OF “SCHOOL ATTIRE” ARE NOT ALLOWED. If you are unable to change before coming to class, bring class clothes with you to change in the studio bathroom.

SHOES - Appropriate shoes must be worn for each subject. See list below:
  • Tiny Toes, Pre-Dance and Ballet/Gymnastics combo class: FLAT BALLET SHOES (any color). Leather type, not satin or cloth. (See bottom of page for further information)
  • Ballet/Tap combo class: FLAT BALLET SHOES listed above AND FLAT TIE TAP SHOES (black patent leather)
  • Ballet/Jazz combo class: FLAT BALLET SHOES listed above AND SPLIT SOLE OXFORD OR SLIP-ON STYLE JAZZ SHOES (Black)
  • Jazz/Gymnastics combo class: SPLIT SOLE OXFORD OR SLIP-ON STYLE JAZZ SHOES (Black)

  • Jazz/Tap combo class: SPLIT SOLE JAZZ SHOES listed above AND FLAT TIE TAP SHOES (Tan)
  • Pre-Pointe and Classical Ballet I: FLAT BALLET SHOES (Pink)
  • Junior Jazz, Dance Team Prep & Cheer Prep: SPLIT SOLE OXFORD-STYLE OR SLIP-ON JAZZ SHOES (Black)
  • Tap (8-11 yo) Single Subject Class (Wed. West Studio B): FLAT SINGLE-TIE TAP SHOES (Tan)
  • High-Heel Tap: 1½-INCH HIGH-HEEL TAP SHOES (Tan)
  • “Flat Tap” and Advanced Tap: FLAT OXFORD-STYLE TAP SHOES (Black)
  • Lyrical: SLIP-ON ILLUSION-STYLE LYRICAL SHOES ("DancePaws" or Capezio "FootUndeez")
  • Classical Ballet II (High School): FLAT BALLET SHOES (Pink)
  • Pointe: POINTE SHOES (Ballet Pink or Euro Pink)
  • Technique: FLAT BALLET SHOES (any color) OR PADINI SHOES (Tan)
  • Gymnastics For Dance/Cheer: No shoes required for class; students work in bare feet.

BALLET, TAP & JAZZ SHOES are sometimes available locally at Wal-Mart, PayLess or consignment stores IN LIMITED SIZES.

ALL OTHER SHOES are specialized shoes and can only be obtained in Lexington at Dance Biz (2535 Nicholasville Road; 859-276-4900). For a 10% discount at Dance Biz, please present a printed copy of this webpage or mention that you are a student at CCDS at time of purchase.