Dance Shoes

Dance shoes can be purchased at DanceBiz, 2535 Nicholasville Road, Lexington (859-276-4900).  Tell them that you are a CCDS student, and you will receive 10% off your purchase.  Ballet and tap shoes are sometimes available locally at Wal-Mart, Payless Shoes or consignment stores.

You may view all shoe styles in use by our studio below (organized by dance subject).  We have included style names for Capezio shoes, but you are welcome to purchase shoes of a similar style from a different company (Leo's, Bloch, etc.).
Classes: Tiny Toes; Pre-Dance; PS Ballet/Tap; PS Ballet/Gym; 6-8 Ballet/Tap; 6-8 Ballet/Gym; 6-9 Ballet/Jazz; Pre-Pointe; Classical Ballet I & II; Pointe

Description: Leather-style ballet slippers (example: Capezio "Daisy"); any color. PrePointe and Classical Ballet I & II must wear pink ballet slippers.
Classes: PS Ballet/Tap; 6-8 Ballet/Tap

Description: BLACK patent single-tie tap shoes (example: Capezio "Jr. Tyette")
Classes: Junior Jazz; Ballet/Jazz; Dance Team Prep; Cheer Prep; Jazz; Jazz/Tap; Jazz/Gym; Advanced Jazz

Description: Black leather oxford-style or slip-on jazz shoes (example: Capezio "split-sole jazz shoes").
Classes: Jazz/Tap; Tap (single subject - 8-11 year olds)

Description: TAN single-tie tap shoes (example: Capezio "Jr. Tyette") - NOT HIGH-HEEL
Classes: Boys' Classes

Description: Black Jazz Sneakers (example: Capezio "Fierce" Dansneaker).
Classes: High-Heel Tap

Description: TAN 1 1/2" heel tap shoes (example: Capezio "Manhattan")
Classes: Lyrical and Advanced Lyrical

Description: Slip-on illusion-style lyrical shoes (examples: "Dance Paws" or Capezio "FootUndeez")
Classes: Boys' Class; Flat Tap and Advanced Tap

Description: Black oxford-style tap shoes (example: Capezio "Tapster")
Classes: Pointe

Description: Pink pointe shoes - Students are free to choose the brand/style that best fits their feet. We recommend that pointe shoes be purchased from Dance Biz in Lexington so that proper fit may be checked before taking the shoes home. Flat leather ballet slippers are also required for the first part of the year.