Parents and Dancers:

As we all know, the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on many of our longstanding and very significant activities. We’ve been deeply saddened by the canceled graduations, proms, athletic events and other significant activities our students are missing as a result of this global – yet very local - crisis.

When the schools closed in March, we realized we were in the very same situation: With so many kids interacting in close quarters, we simply had no option but to suspend classes. Once we realized these closures would last more than just a week or two, we started working to find a way to conduct online classes.

Beginning the week of March 30, all our parents should have received notices by e-mail that we have resumed classes in an online format, which will allow our dancers to keep dancing, and eventually to have a recital just like in years past. The problem is that no one knows when that might be. (If you have not received such an e-mail, or if you need to change the e-mail we have on record for you, please let us know via the e-mail address at the bottom of this page!)

We will continue to e-mail an invitation to every class each week so everyone can participate in their weekly class, with their teacher, from home, via the Zoom teleconferencing app or simply by clicking on the link that is in the email. The online classes will cover all the material they normally would, including recital music. We are also recording all of these classes and they are being sent to you each week. We encourage all our students to practice whenever they want using the class recordings and recital music we are sending you.

Some of our younger students may need help from an adult or older sibling to navigate Zoom and stay focused during class. This might be a great opportunity for a fun and healthy family bonding activity! No doubt, it would be fun for your children to see some of you parents dancing again!

In an attempt to strictly adhere to the governor’s “Healthy at Home” policy, our instructors are currently teaching via Zoom from their own homes. We want to get the teachers (only) back in the studios as soon as possible so they can record themselves doing their recital dances with counts as well as with music. These videos will then be uploaded to our YouTube channel, and we’ll e-mail parents a link to the videos that correspond with their class(es).

As noted above, our plan is for Recital 2020 to go on, we just don't know when!

A few other important things:
  • We have extended the March 31 payment deadline to May 31.
  • Recurring credit cards will process on April 15 and May 15.
  • If you DO NOT want your card to process on those dates, please log in to the parent portal and uncheck the box marked “Recurring Billing.” You must then Save Your Changes at the bottom of the page. You can restart your recurring billing at any time by logging in, checking the box and saving your changes.
  • The parent portal is available 24/7 on our website.
  • Once in the Parent Portal, you can check your account balance, update credit card information and make credit card payments at your convenience. If paying by check or money order, please send them to 117 Westover Rd, Frankfort, KY 40601. We WILL accept post-dated checks received by May 31.
  • The classes that were held the week of April 6-10 (Spring Break) were make-up classes for one of the weeks we missed in March. You will be notified soon of the make-up dates for the second week we missed in March before we started our online classes.
  • Finally, we are aware that this situation has caused economic hardship for many of you. Please do not hesitate to E-MAIL us at if you would like to discuss special arrangements, or if you have general questions about all of this.

    We are waiting eagerly for the day we can all dance TOGETHER again not only in in-studio classes, but especially at Recital 2020, whenever that may be. Please stay Healthy at Home and THANK YOU for being part of our CCDS FAMILY! We will finish strong!

    Here's that e-mail address again: