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Studio Closings


Does the studio follow the public school closing schedule?

Our studio does not follow the public school calendar.  This includes scheduled closings (holidays, etc.) and "snow closings".  We do not close for Fall Break (though we do close for Spring Break).  Oftentimes, if school is cancelled due to bad weather, road conditions have improved enough by early evening that we can still hold classes.

Please see our Calendar for more information about scheduled closings for 2017-2018.

How will I know if classes are cancelled?

If inclement weather does force us to cancel classes, we will communicate the schedule change in four ways:

-  OFFICE MESSAGE: The "greeting message" on our office voicemail will indicate class status.

-  WEBSITE/FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM/TWITTER: We will post an announcement on our home website page, Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @capcitydance.

-  EMAIL: If you have provided us with a current email address, you will receive a message stating that classes are cancelled.

-  NEWS STATIONS: We will report any class cancellations to WKYT, WLEX, and WTVQ.

Will there be a make-up class if my child's class is cancelled?

When the studios close due to bad weather, make-up lessons are always scheduled for the affected classes.  You will be contacted by e-mail and written hand-out notifications given by teachers to students.

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